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ANI can provide an existing motion platform or design one to meet your requirements. ANI has experience with hydraulic motion platforms as well as electromechanical motion platforms. An example of an ANI designed 3 DOF hydraulic platform can be seen below, one of 16 cars at the Penske Racing Center. Also, the F-117 hydraulic motion platform located at Fightertown USA, Mountainview, CA was designed by AeroNumerics, Inc. An ANI designed electromechanical system is in use as part of the 8 cockpit Battle Over the Pacific attraction at Fantasy of Flight, Polk City, FL.

In addition to designing motion platforms, we have custom electronics and software for platform control. Like our entire ADAS system, the servo controller card, specifically designed for computer control of hydraulic cylinder valves, eliminates unused features to minimize cost.

Motion Platform Pricing:

  • 3-DOF:  $10,000
  • 6-DOF:  $19,000

*pricing may vary depending on power unit requirements

6-DOF Motion Platform

3-DOF otion platform at Penske Racing Center

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